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Artwork for LP’s is always more beautiful than for CD covers, let alone that of MP3’s. Being a vinyl lover myself, I thought it might be nice to make a frame to easily display one’s collection, hanging on a wall or standing on a cabinet. My love for wood and ecological way of thinking gave birth to VinylSquare

It is a handmade product of rather limited edition. Depending on the available recycled wood rests, VinylSquare is made of Multiplex Birch, Plywood, OSB, Solid Pine, Scaffold wood… Nothing is really standard, everything can vary, expect for the inner dimension of the frame: 12”, 10” or 7”. Magnets allow you to open the frame. It can be placed with the opening upward, to the left or to the right. A board with a bolt in the middle is delivered by default. A picture disc can be fixed on the bolt. The board can also be used as a base for pictures or another artwork.  


Let me know which model you want (7",10" of 12") What's your favorite wood. Fill out all info in the CONTACT section.


A custom-made frame to contain a gatefold LP for example or a standard A3. Your wish is my command. Fill out all info in the CONTACT section.


wrapped with care for you and nature

Bedankt voor uw Vraag

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